Phyllis Wallace 2013 HeadshotAs we embrace the social media age where we have seven to eight seconds to capture someone’s attention how do we consistently create a value proposition and communicate our unique personal impact? The answer is to Maximize Your Personal Brand.

Brand Defined is the essence of a promise of what will be delivered or expected. It is critical to identify and cultivate your personal brand [Promise + Experience = Relationship.] (Reference Managing Brand You by Jerry Wilson and Ira Blumenthal.)

The Promise Whether you are in sales, human resources or an entrepreneur, your legacy of success is dependent upon what you commit to (your promise) and how you live up to your promise. This determines the relationship. If you do not live up to your promises you will have a negative Return On Relationship ™ (ROR). Ted Rubin and Kathryn Rose define ROR in their book Return on Relationships: “As the value that accrues over time through loyalty, recommendations, and sharing.”

The Experience How do your clients, consumers and prospects experience your promise? One corporate C-Level Executive told me, “Always under commit and over deliver.” This statement has stayed with me for over 20 years of my business experience. You must make every effort to meet your stated commitments and perform with the highest level of integrity. In the classic business book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey he provided the following analogy. Each time we meet our commitments it is like making a deposit into someone’s emotional bank account and when we miss a commitment it is a withdrawal. Therefore, if we are consistently making deposits, then we have high credibility and trust with our colleagues conversely when we consistently miss our commitments then we are overdrawn on our emotional bank account. The result is a blemish on your Personal Brand and a decline in trust.

The Relationship A particular type of connection existing between people having dealings with each other. The relationships that you build, cultivate, or break all contribute to your personal brand. Each one is as unique and as fragile as a snowflake. One huge withdrawal and you may have to press the restart button to rebuild the lost trust.

Summary Your Personal Brand is a “Big Deal”. You have one whether you know it or not. Here are three tips to find out the state of your Personal Brand.

1. Ask your supporters and critics what they like best and least about your work and work style. Be sure to follow-up with a thank you for the feedback via a hand written message.

2. If you work in an office environment ask your Supervisor, Manager or Human Resource representative about a process to seek 360 degree feedback.

3. Check your social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, etc. to see what people are saying about you and your posts. For example, do you have many likes and comments on your posts?

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